Support my Experience

A huge portion of what makes the Young Adult Volunteer experience even better are the various ways in which you can support my journey. It is important to ask for support from family, friends, and other communities in the form of prayers, thoughts, and financial contributions. In order to offset some of the costs of the program, we are asked to raise $3,000 for our year of service to assist the PC(USA) with their already gracious givings toward the program. Prayers, thoughts, and finances are all a great way to stay connected and share our journeys with everyone.

I would appreciate any and all kinds of support that you are willing to give to me. Your thoughts, finances, and even reading this blog that I will update over the year all mean so much to me. Feel free to explore my blog, get notified when there are new posts by adding your email address on the right side bar, and ask me any questions at all.

There are a few ways in which you can financially support me. I have listed the various ways and the instructions below. I cannot thank you enough for the financial and emotional support for my journey.


THROUGH the PCUSA:  In this model, the donor will need to send their donation through the Extra Commitment Opportunity account of the PC(USA), with the notation “E052126 YAV, Austin.”  Additionally, the donor will need to send an email to Austin, indicating the amount they have contributed and on whose behalf (your name).  These donations are tax-deductible for the donor.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE PCUSA WILL WITHDRAW A HANDLING FEE OF 12% FOR DONATIONS THAT ARE SENT THROUGH LOUISVILLE.

Link: Donate PC(USA)



THROUGH AUSTIN SEMINARY (All 3 options are tax deductible) : If you choose to go this route, you may:

1. Send funds directly to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary attn.: Office of Admissions, 100 East 27th St, Austin, TX  78705.

All checks should include a notation indicating that the funds are to support AYAVA House.  These donations are also tax deductible as long as they are designated to support AYAVA House and not as an individual YAV.



2. Connect with Martha Lynn Coon to make a payment over the phone at 512-404-4827.




  1. Go to the website
  2. There are blue tabs running across the top of the website (Academics, Admissions, Community Life, etc).  Click on the tab labeled “Giving.”
  3. You will be sent to a page with two blue tabs on the right hand side of the page.  Click on the tab labeled “Make an Online Gift”
  4. Pick an amount to donate, or fill in an amount you wish to donate
  5. For the box marked “Designation”, use the pull down menu to pick “Other”
  6. Under Additional Information, indicate that it is a one-time gift (unless you want it to be recurring) and in the section for Comments please write “AYAVA HOUSE.”  Please DO NOT designate the name of an individual YAV, but do know our YAVs will be made aware of your gift.
  7. Continue by filling out the payment information and the billing information and then click “Submit Gift”

The gift will be acknowledged first by the Seminary, and then later by your personal connection to the YAV program.



Once any donation is made, the seminary will immediately acknowledge the gift, and will receive a list of donations which will be shared with us so that we can determine who gave to me specifically.

Please designate the funds to AYAVA House and not include my name on the check or elsewhere.




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