Things are changing…

Just as the weather in the midwest fluctuates every day, so it seems my life is on a similar path. Some days I cannot wait for graduation and what is to come next, and then at other times I am not sure how I feel about leaving and moving on from the life I have gotten to know so well for the past four years.

Finding out I was accepted into the Young Adult Volunteer program, however, has made my feelings of transition a little more at ease. For one, I know what I am doing after graduation, and two, it is something that I am super excited about. When I think about this next year, I know I will be challenged, empowered, enriched, and so much more (that I will keep you updated on).

Still anxious with change, I hope and I know that this year in the program will teach me a lot about adjusting, embracing new things, and diving into the unknown. What a perfect step right out of college.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and prayers.


Anxious yet humbled,



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